126 Information systems and technologies

Training of specialists in the specialty 126 Information systems and technologies is based on generally recognized scientific results, taking into account the current state of information technology and business development and is aimed at:

 comprehensive study of the theoretical and methodological foundations for the development of information systems, tools for the creation and use of information systems and technologies,

 formation of applicants’ readiness to analyze the modern market of information products, to select the most appropriate of them for the needs of the enterprise,

 development of an applied information system for a business structure.

A feature of the educational process under the program “Information Technologies in Business” is the training of a specialist who is able not only to develop, research and implement information systems and technologies, but also to accompany the reorganization of the business structure based on new, more efficient technologies. This can be achieved through integrated training in both information technology and applied industries (economics, management, project management, etc.), as well as through in-depth study of a foreign language.

Practical training of future specialists takes place at non-production enterprises, which include IT structures.

In the future, a bachelor in information technology will be able to work in enterprises, companies, business structures in positions related to the development and implementation of information systems, the development of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure, and the management of an organization using modern computer technologies. According to the National Classifier of Occupations, these are:

3121.2 Information technology specialist

3121.2 Software development and testing specialist

3121.2 Computer software developer

3121.2 Computer graphics (design) specialist

Professional teachers-practitioners teaching academic disciplines of the educational program “Information Technologies in Business” use such educational technologies as: lectures of a problematic nature, laboratory classes, practical exercises, work in small groups, seminars-discussions, brain attacks, presentations develop communicative and leadership skills, independent work on literary sources, the ability to generalize; mixed forms of education using distance technologies, mass online courses, project activities for the development of software products and their implementation.

Selective study of individual academic disciplines or certain topics takes place in a foreign language.

Additional information about the specialty and its capabilities can be obtained at the link: https://prezi.com/view/k0POUQCgRdLBsd2ZOVWk/