Education of our masters in Poland

poland-slipsk1Masters of the specialty “Professional education. Computer technologies” Andreychenko Igor, Plohotina Aliona, Korzhun Dmitry from September to December 2017 were studying at UIPA-partner university of the Pomeranian Academy of Slupsk (Poland) within the cooperation between educational institutions. There they mastered discipline in the field of “Information Security”. The training took place in Polish, but this was not an obstacle for our students. It rather gave an opportunity to get closer to the linguistic culture of neighboring Poland. The listeners attended the classes in good faith, fulfilled all practical and individual tasks, which allowed them to master new subjects and successfully pass the exam.

In addition to studying, students became acquainted with Polish culture, architecture, local sights, and also traveled by the country.

During their stay in Slupsk, students found many friends from different parts of Europe, which greatly expanded the world of young people.

After graduation our masters came with a lot of impressions, certificates of trained training and determined plans for the future.

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