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The main direction of the scientific work of the department is the development of a system for assessing the quality of technologies and equipment for printing production, namely:

  • Studies on the current problems of information technology, text and graphic information processing technology;
  • Research on current problems of packaging technology – design and packaging design, special printing processes for packaging design;
  • Studying the influence of functional units of printing equipment after repair work on the quality of printing processes.

The second actively developed direction is connected with ergonomics of information technologies and computerization of the educational process and the management process of the academy:

  • Software for computerization of educational process and department management;
  • Ergonomics of information technologies, analysis of error-free activity;
  • Reliability and quality of computer control and training systems;
  • Methods for assessing the quality of educational and cognitive activities;
  • Development of automated training systems, the study of the formation of skills in working with technical means of instruction and their application in the professional work of graduates of engineering and pedagogical specialties.

The results of scientific research are constantly being introduced into the educational process. The department has scientific and creative connections with the Ukrainian Academy of Printing (Lviv), the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, and others.

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