epam-01st and 2nd year students of the specialty “Vocational training. Computer Technologies” visited EPAM. During the tour, they was told about the history of the company, its leading position in the market, the main areas of work.

UEPA students were thoroughly acquainted with how they can get to work at EPAM, what kind of specialists the company needs. They could see working days with their own eyes – walk along the Open Area.

Everyone was invited to the trainings conducted by the EPAM training center in the following areas: Java, .Net, Software Testing, DevOps, Front-End. далее …

Continuation of cooperation with the Factor-Druk printing house

factor-drukTeachers and students of 1 – 4 courses of the Department of Information Computer and Polygraphy Technologies got acquainted with the printing process and equipment of the Factor-Druck printing house. During the tour of the printing house, students saw pre-press equipment, printing equipment for role and sheet printing, post-printing equipment.

Representatives of the enterprise invited the graduates of the department to work places.

The head of the department Nechuiviter O.P. considers this excursion as the first step in setting up dual education for UIPA students. In the dual education, blocks of theoretical training, which will be held at the UIPA, alternate with practical blocks in the workplace on the Factor-Druk printing house.

Education of our masters in Poland

poland-slipsk1Masters of the specialty “Professional education. Computer technologies” Andreychenko Igor, Plohotina Aliona, Korzhun Dmitry from September to December 2017 were studying at UIPA-partner university of the Pomeranian Academy of Slupsk (Poland) within the cooperation between educational institutions. There they mastered discipline in the field of “Information Security”. The training took place in Polish, but this was not an obstacle for our students. It rather gave an opportunity to get closer to the linguistic culture of neighboring Poland. The listeners attended the classes in good faith, fulfilled all practical and individual tasks, which allowed them to master new subjects and successfully pass the exam. далее …

The Teacher and the Student of the Department Registered the Copyright to the Computer Program

reestr_programThe Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine decided to register the copyright for the product Computer program “Software for visual programming based on the tasks of managing a virtual robot”. The authors are Associate professor Sazhko Galina Ivanovna and student of the group DKI-POK16mg Belous Ivan Aleksandrovich.

The Team of UEPA1 Won in the Final of the Olympiad in Programming АСМ-ІСРС 2017 Among the Participants of the Second Group

coding1From October 9 to October 11, 2017, the III (final) stage of the All-Ukrainian Students’ Olympiad in Programming in the second group was held at the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. Our team UEPA1 in the membership of Dragoon Vladimir Vladimirovich (graduate student), Vitaly Smaglenko (DKI-POK14), Kalinin Vladislav Vitalievich (DKI-POK14) for the first time in the history of UIPA convincingly took first place in the overall standings, among all Ukrainian teams of higher educational institutions of the second group. The team received a diploma of the first degree and valuable gifts.

Congratulations to the participants and coaches – associate professors of the Department of Information Computer and Polygraphy Technologies Yashun T. and Gromova E. A special thanks for the victory we want to express to Dragoon Vladimir, and congratulate him on such a successful completion of the olympiad career!