The student of the department started her studies at Gabrovo Technical University (Bulgaria)

From 05.10.2022, the semester studies of the 1st-year student began master’s degree of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy of Alina CHAYKA (specialties 015.39 Vocational education (Digital technologies) in Technical University of Gabrovo (Bulgaria) under the Erasmus+ program, project agreement No. 2020-1-BG01-КА107-078265.

According to this agreement, the student studies for the following disciplines:

Component title at the Receiving Institution (as indicated in the course catalogue)

  • Network security
  • Business information systems
  • Multimedia Systems and Web-design
  • Network operation systems
  • Design of computer systems
  • Computer training systems

Academic hours spent under the guidance of a highly professional professors and teaching staff are encouraged to become more active in receiving knowledge necessary for building a future career and positioning oneself as a competitive specialist in the labor market both in Ukraine and abroad boundaries The friendly student atmosphere promotes a positive mood and communication with foreign students. So, we wish Alina the best during her studies at the Technical University Gabrovo to gain as much knowledge and skills as possible, to find real friends, and to return to his native UIPA with useful achievements and experience.


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