The Team of UEPA1 Won in the Final of the Olympiad in Programming АСМ-ІСРС 2017 Among the Participants of the Second Group

coding1From October 9 to October 11, 2017, the III (final) stage of the All-Ukrainian Students’ Olympiad in Programming in the second group was held at the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies. Our team UEPA1 in the membership of Dragoon Vladimir Vladimirovich (graduate student), Vitaly Smaglenko (DKI-POK14), Kalinin Vladislav Vitalievich (DKI-POK14) for the first time in the history of UIPA convincingly took first place in the overall standings, among all Ukrainian teams of higher educational institutions of the second group. The team received a diploma of the first degree and valuable gifts.

Congratulations to the participants and coaches – associate professors of the Department of Information Computer and Polygraphy Technologies Yashun T. and Gromova E. A special thanks for the victory we want to express to Dragoon Vladimir, and congratulate him on such a successful completion of the olympiad career!

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