Bondarenko Tetiana


Bondarenko Tetiana Sergііvna

Бондаренко Татяна Сергіївна

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

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Education Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy (2003), specialty “Electronics, electrical engineering, electronic circuitry and communication”
Higher degree Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Ph.D. Defended a thesis on subject “Formation of readiness for development and use of computer training systems for future engineers-teachers” (2012).

Certificates 1.  International Engineering Educator ING-PAED IGIP, registered number UA-132 (2014)
2.  Certificate of Training for successfully completing training of stuff mobility program in Lodz University of Technology, Poland from 25.09.2016 to 20.10.2016.
3. Diploma “For active participation in scientific and practical mass events of 2017 NC” JASU “and active implementation of the idea of STEM-education and research approach in the practice of vocational training of students of Ukraine”, Kiev, Ukraine, 2017.
4. Diploma “For an innovative approach to the implementation of the idea of building a unified information space of Ukrainian education, the organization of effective cooperation with the National Center” Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, Kiev, Ukraine, 2018.
5. Honorary Diplomas “For significant achievements in scientific work”, Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogics Academy, Kharkov, Ukraine, 2019, 2020.
6. Certificate for the best scientific article at the International Conference «ICL – 2020 Educating Engineers for Future Industrial Revolutions», Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Tallinn, Estonia, 2020.
Research interests Cloud technologies, mobile technologies, monitoring the quality of professional training of specialists.
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h-index: 7

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h-index: 4

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h-index: 3

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ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9879-0319

The most valuable publications:

1. Bondarenko T.S. Cloud technologies in the formation of the information educational environment / T.S.Bondarenkо, G.K. Kozhevnikov, О.A. Ageeva // NaukaiStudia. – Przemyśl. – NR 15 (125) 2014. ‑P.77-85.
2. Bondarenko T.,Kupriyanov O. (2017) Implementation of Mobile Testing System for Control of Students’ Educational Outcomes. In: Auer M., Guralnick D., Simonics I. (eds) Teaching and Learning in a Digital World. ICL 2017.Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 715.Springer, Cham. PP. 760-765.
3. Kovalenko D., Bondarenko T. (2017) Cloud Monitoring of Students’ Educational Outcomes on Basis of Use of BYOD Concept. In: Auer M., Guralnick D., Simonics I. (eds) Teaching and Learning in a Digital World. ICL 2017. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 715.Springer, Cham. PP. 766-773.
4. Kovalenko O., Bondarenko T., Kovalenko D. (2018) Evaluation Automation of Achievement Tests Validity Based on Semantic Analysis of Training Texts. In: Auer M., Tsiatsos M. (eds) Teaching and Learning in a Digital World. ICL 2018. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 917. Springer, Cham. PP. 485-492. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-11935-5_46.
5. Bondarenko T.S. The Role of Cloud Technologies in Education: Increasing Student Engagement and Success / T. Bondarenko // Proceedings of the International Conference on Techniques, Technologies and Education, ICTTE 2019 (Yambol, Bulgaria, 16-18 Oct. 2019). – Yambol, 2019, pp. 41-48. ISSN 1314 – 9474.
6. Tetiana Bondarenko. Project current trends and prospects of the development of the internationalization of higher education / T. Bondarenko, G. Kelemen, R. Nesterenko // Online Journal for Research and Education. Special Issue 17, Dec. 2019, ISSN 2313-1640.
7. Bondarenko T. Simulation model of professional activity of the teacherengineer developer of computer-aided learning systems / Y. Timchenko, T. Bondarenko // Zeszyty Studenckiego Towarzystwa Naukowego. Publikacje Laureatow 56 Sesji Studenckich kol naukowych pionu hutniczego akademii gorniczo-hutniczej. – Krakow, 2019, pp. 115-122.

Participation in scientific projects The head of the joint research project with the Institute of Vocational Education of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “Formation and introduction of an informational educational environment in the process of training future engineers and teachers for professional work in vocational education institutions” (№ФН 13-12, 2013-2016)
Level of foreign languages English: Intermediate
Administrative work Since 2013 – the organizer of joint scientific and methodological seminars with the Department of Science and Education of the Kharkov Regional State Administration and the Institute of Vocational and Technical Education of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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