Master’s theses defense

HoldersOfMastersDegree2018_1At the beginning of December 2018 at the Department of Information Computer Technologies and Mathematics passed the defense of master’s theses. In the specialties “Professional Training (Computer Technologies)”, 21 full-time students and 18 extra-mural were defended. In the specialty “Professional Training (Publishing and Printing)” 7 students were defended, “Applied Mathematics” – 5 students .

Master’s theses concerned various areas of the IT and publishing and printing industries, applied mathematics: the creation of electronic textbooks and promotional films, the use of new information operators and the coding of digital images, 3D modeling and automation of semantic text analysis. Especially, it is worth noting the developed by Goncharov Volodumur service to synchronize individual schedules of students and teachers with Google calendar, which will find the widest application in the UIPA.

Congratulations to our students and we wish them a successful life!

More photos and videos can be found here.

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