“Towards Becoming a MOOC Designer” face-to-face learning was held at the Anadolu University

Within the scope of the EU-funded CRED4TEACH Project, the face-to-face part of the blended trainings titled Towards Becoming a MOOC Designer was held at the Open Education Faculty between 10-12 January 2024. The opening speeches were made by Prof. Dr. Ali Resül Usul, Vice Rector responsible for Anadolu University Open Education System and Dean of the Faculty, and Prof. Dr. Sascha Lord, project coordinator on behalf of Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) University and Vice Rector responsible for distance education. Prof. Dr. Cengiz Hakan Aydın, Head of Distance Education Department of Anadolu University has designed this blended training and been facilitating it since 13 November 2023, also conducted the face-to-face meetings. Prof. Dr. Diogo Casanova, Vice Rector in charge of quality and micro-credits at the Portuguese Open University, Universidade Aberta, also contributed to a session about use of MOOCs as micro-credentials. далее …

Participation of representatives of the department in the final conference on the PAGOSTE Project

The PAGOSTE project’s final conference took place on November 6-8 at Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria). Titled “Vocational Teacher Education: Between Aspirations and Challenges,” the international conference reviewed the outcomes of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “New mechanisms of partnership-based governance and standardization of vocational teacher education in Ukraine” (PAGOSTE). Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy has been participating in this project from 2020 to 2024. The conference featured 23 presentations from scientists and teaching professionals across 5 countries.

At the conference, IKT&M was represented by Oleksandr Kupriyanov and Tetiana Bondarenko. The team, comprising Tetiana Bondarenko, Oleksandr Kupriyanov and Olena Kovalenko, presented the report “Ecosystem of digital solutions for VET institutions: the example of Ukraine and global trends.” далее …

Launch of the Erasmus+ project “MOOC-based micro-credentials for teacher professional development”

A new international project “MOOC-based micro-credentials for teacher professional development” (CRED4TEACH) of the Erasmus+ program has been launched at the department. The CRED4TEACH project aims to develop innovative curricula for teachers and create opportunities for obtaining micro-qualifications based on massive open online courses (MOOCs).

On October 16-17, 2023, the first meeting of the CRED4TEACH project team took place in Cologne (Germany) in a mixed format. The project coordinators – representatives of the University of Applied Sciences of Small and Medium Business Olga Zubikova and Sasha Lord – familiarized the participants with the stages of work and the structure of the project.

The meeting was attended by Vice-Rector for Research Oleksandr Kupriyanov, Head of the Department of Information Computer Technologies and Mathematics Olesia Nechuyviter, Professor of the Department Tetiana Bondarenko and Associate Professor Halyna Sazhko. далее …

Two UIPA teams passed to the second round of the International Collegiate Programming Contest

On October 22, the first round of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) – an international programming Olympiad, which is considered the most prestigious programming competition among students, was held.

UIPA was represented by two teams:

  • UEPA1, consisting of Bondarenko Ihor (DKI-POK19), Rebryk Oleksandra (DIT-K21), Shkarban Vladyslav (DIT-K22), shared 250-251 places;
  • UEPA2, consisting of Kapitonova Natalia (DKI-POCT21), Bogun Ruslan (DKI-K20), Zholudev Volodymyr (DKI-K20), took 303-304 places.

The coach of the teams is Oleksandr Kupriyanov. далее …

Presentation of master`s qualifying projects 2020

This year, five masters who studied the specialty “Vocational Training (Computer Technology)” developed and presented their master’s theses in English. Presentations were held in December 2020 at the Department of Information Computer Technology and Mathematics.

The following teachers of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy acted as supervisors for the implementation of these master’s qualification works: Bondarenko Tetyana, Kupriyanov Oleksandr, Sazhko Galina  and Nechuiviter Olesya Petrivna, who all the time helped students with the creation of quality projects.

далее …

International Scientific and Practical WEB-Forum “The Development of The Unified Open Information Space in Lifelong Education” 2020

Dear colleagues, scientists, educators!

Welcome to participation!

On March 25-27-th 2020
Will be held

The Second International Scientific and Practical WEB-Forum


(registered at the UkrISTEI system of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, Certificate № 535 from 12.11.2018)

Open the Announcement as PDF

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epam-01st and 2nd year students of the specialty “Vocational training. Computer Technologies” visited EPAM. During the tour, they was told about the history of the company, its leading position in the market, the main areas of work.

UEPA students were thoroughly acquainted with how they can get to work at EPAM, what kind of specialists the company needs. They could see working days with their own eyes – walk along the Open Area.

Everyone was invited to the trainings conducted by the EPAM training center in the following areas: Java, .Net, Software Testing, DevOps, Front-End. далее …

Kupriyanov Oleksandr have completed EPAM Teachers Internship Winter 2019: Java

epam0During the spring semester, Alexander Kupriyanov completed of IT Ukraine Association Teacher’s Internship held by EPAM Systems. The program includes modules:

  1. Agile and Scram;
  2. CI / CD;
  3. GIT Fundamentals;
  4. Soft Skills.

Kupriyanov A. passed advanced training on programming in Java. During practical work, the Jenkins continuous integration system and the Sonar code inspection systems were used. далее …