We invite you to participate in the anniversary forum!


FORUM SOIS, 2023 is an event of opportunities, an innovative eco-environment for the birth of ideas, the exchange of scientific and educational experience, the birth of new professional communications!!! Everyone who is in the trend of sustainable development of science and education – let’s create a team of like-minded people and step together! Join and take action!

We invite scientists, scientific-pedagogical and pedagogical workers, doctoral students and post-graduate students, as well as students of various forms of education who carry out scientific and educational activities in the field of social, psychological-pedagogical, engineering and IT sciences to participate in the work
of the 4th and 5th International Scientific and Practical WEB-Forum “FORUM SOIS, 2023: DEVELOPMENT OF A UNIQUE OPEN INFORMATION SPACE FOR LIFELONG EDUCATION“, which will take place on May 23-26, 2023
on the basis and under the conditions of the joint activity of the main organizers of scientific and educational partners – the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy (http://uipa.edu.ua/ua/, Kharkiv) and the State Scientific and Pedagogical Library of Ukraine named after V. O. Sukhomlynskyi (https://dnpb.gov.ua/ua/, Kyiv), as well as joining the circle of main organizers and strategic partners with the consent of leading scientific institutions, educational institutions and public associations of Ukraine and abroad.

The main thematic directions of the WEB-forum:

 Transdisciplinary paradigm of digital transformation of society: management of changes and quality of scientific and educational process.
 Psychological principles of building a single open information space of education throughout life.
 Service-engineering support for the creation and functioning of information and educational environments. Security of information technologies. Artificial Intelligence.
 Digital education strategies: tools, methods, technologies, systems.
 STEAM education: experience, realities, strategies.
 New mechanisms for managing the training of teaching staff in the conditions of digital transformation of professional education.
 Adult education in the conditions of dynamic development of the information society.
 University education: current trends.
 Innovative transformations in specialized education (military, art, sports and science).
 Adaptive management of socio-pedagogical systems.
 Internationalization of scientific education: strategies for anticipatory development of the knowledge society in the conditions of martial law.
As usual, Forum SOIS, 2023 carries out its work in an online format using the ZOOM platform.
Register to participate in the WEB forum at the link: https://bit.ly/41tVKMP
More information about Forum SOIS, 2023 at the link: https://forumsois.uipa.edu.ua/

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