“Towards Becoming a MOOC Designer” face-to-face learning was held at the Anadolu University

Within the scope of the EU-funded CRED4TEACH Project, the face-to-face part of the blended trainings titled Towards Becoming a MOOC Designer was held at the Open Education Faculty between 10-12 January 2024. The opening speeches were made by Prof. Dr. Ali Resül Usul, Vice Rector responsible for Anadolu University Open Education System and Dean of the Faculty, and Prof. Dr. Sascha Lord, project coordinator on behalf of Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) University and Vice Rector responsible for distance education. Prof. Dr. Cengiz Hakan Aydın, Head of Distance Education Department of Anadolu University has designed this blended training and been facilitating it since 13 November 2023, also conducted the face-to-face meetings. Prof. Dr. Diogo Casanova, Vice Rector in charge of quality and micro-credits at the Portuguese Open University, Universidade Aberta, also contributed to a session about use of MOOCs as micro-credentials.

The Department of Information Computer Technologies and Mathematics was represented by Oleksandr Kupriyanov and Tetiana Bondarenko.

A total of 23 face-to-face and 5 virtual participants from 8 universities attended the face-to-face sessions hosted by Anadolu University. Participants who attended the Eskişehir, Turkiye leg of the blended training process received training on topics such as how to design, develop and deliver MOOCs, and the pedagogical frameworks underlying MOOCs are. They also had chance to discuss their project ideas about MOOC design and development and share their experiences in their institutions. Meanwhile, the participants also had the opportunity to learn more about Anadolu University, its distance education system and visit its facilities.

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