Participation of representatives of the department in the final conference on the PAGOSTE Project

The PAGOSTE project’s final conference took place on November 6-8 at Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria). Titled “Vocational Teacher Education: Between Aspirations and Challenges,” the international conference reviewed the outcomes of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “New mechanisms of partnership-based governance and standardization of vocational teacher education in Ukraine” (PAGOSTE). Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy has been participating in this project from 2020 to 2024. The conference featured 23 presentations from scientists and teaching professionals across 5 countries.

At the conference, IKT&M was represented by Oleksandr Kupriyanov and Tetiana Bondarenko. The team, comprising Tetiana Bondarenko, Oleksandr Kupriyanov and Olena Kovalenko, presented the report “Ecosystem of digital solutions for VET institutions: the example of Ukraine and global trends.”

The conference concluded with participants reflecting on the four years of collaboration and discussing future cooperation in the project’s direction.

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