Collection of Papers of the All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical WEB-Forum

forim2018Open a Collection of Papers (Ukrainian language)

Розбудова єдиного інформаційного простору української освіти – вимога часу: [збірник матеріалів Всеукраїнського науково-практичного WEB-форуму (Київ-Харків, 22-23 березня 2018 р.) ; за заг. ред. : М.Л. Ростока, І.М. Савченко, Т.С. Бондаренко]. – Кропивницький : Вид-во Льотної академії Національного авіаційного університету, 2018. – 171 с.

The collection contains materials of the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical Web-forum, which took place on 22-23.03.2018 on the basis of joint activity of the Ukrainian Engineering and Pedagogical Academy, National Center “Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine”, Institute for the Modernization of the Content of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Scientific and Methodological Center vocational education in the Kharkiv region, the NGO “School of Adaptive Management of Social-Pedagogical Systems”, the Air Academy of the National Aviation University, the National Academy of Sciences the Lyubotinsky Intercity Training and Production Complex Lyubotinsky City Council of the Kharkiv region and other educational institutions and educational institutions of Ukraine, which carry out their activities in building a united information space of Ukrainian education and are determined by the strategy of sustainable and progressive development of their collectives, direct their Movement for the future, in particular, to identify, form and develop the intellectual and labor potential of our state. An important emphasis in the organization of publications of these materials is made on the articles of authors, which contained some experience in the practical implementation of ideas, achievements, results of scientific and pedagogical research, experiments and applied implementations.

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