Announcement of First International Scientific and Practical WEB-Forum “The Development of The Unified Open Information Space in Lifelong Education”


Dear colleagues,

On March 26-28-th
Will be held

The First International Scientific and Practical WEB-Forum


(registered at the UkrISTEI system of Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, Certificate № 535 from 12.11.2018)

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Continuing the vigorous activity in the direction of modernizing the content of education by holding innovative scientific and practical events, we invite to assist in co-organization according to official consent the leading domestic and foreign scientific and educational institutions, which implement the experience of the competence and transdisciplinary paradigms of the development of society, have knowledge and experience in informatization and modernization of educational environments in creating conditions for receiving lifelong education, in introducing adaptive management of reforming of educational system, in forming and developing the intellectual and labor potential of countries, in developing giftedness and the talents of studying youth and ensuring the promotion of a talented person during lifetime, the creation of STEM educational instruments for training of the rising generation.

The project of the Forum defines the main fields of work, that according to the proposals of the organizers, can be changed and supplemented:

1. The transdisciplinary paradigm of the unified information educational space: the formation of the labor and intellectual potential of the country.
2. The realities and prospects for the development of the unified open informational space of education in cooperation with general educational, professional (vocational and technical), higher and extra-school educational institutions and scientific institutions.
3. Innovative transformations in economic education: continuity of professional training of specialists for the field of administration and management.
4. Adaptive management of social and pedagogical systems.
5. Adult education in the context of a sustainable development of the information society.
6. International experience of fundamental and applied research in the development of dual education in the context of the open unified informational educational space.
7. Scientific and practical foundations of e-education: tools, methodology, technology, environment.

The results of the formation of the scientific-programing and organizing committees of the Forum will be available since 01.03.2019 on the websites of institutions and educational establishments: –                  National Center “ The Junior Academy of Sciences“ (Kiev, Ukraine); –                  Ukrainian Engeneering Pedagogics Academy (Kharkiv, Ukraine); –          Public Organization “School of Adaptive Management of Social and Pedagogical Systems” (Kharkiv, Ukraine);

And institutions which have agreed to take a part in common organization of Forum on 15.02.2019: –                 National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit (Kiev ,Ukraine); –                 Ivan Zyazyun Institute of Pedagogical Education and Adult Education of NAPS of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine); –                    Dnipro National University of Internal Affairs         (Dnipro, Ukraine); –                  State Scientific Institution ”Institute of Educational Content of Modernization”(Kiev, Ukraine); –                           Tiraspol State University (Tiraspol, Moldova); –                      Gory State Teaching University (Georgia); ‑                     DTI University (Slovakia); –            Flight Academy of the National Aviation University (Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine); –             Scientific-Methodical Center of Vocational Education in the Kharkiv region (Kharkiv, Ukraine)..

The press release of the Forum, prepared by results of the formation of the co-organizing union, will be placed on the websites of the co-organizers on March 5, 2019 and distributed by means of relevant information resources and networks.

Attention! Scientific institutions and educational institutions willing to participate in the co-organization of the Forum must submit Letters of Agreement with concrete proposals concerning the holding the event before March 1, 2019 (inclusive). Samples of submission documents will send after request in accordance with the contacts:

+380967684707, e-mail:   –    Rostocka Marina Lvovna, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences (Ph.D), Senior Researcher of the Department of Information and Didactic Modeling of the National Center “The Junior Academy of Sciences” MES of Ukraine, NAS of Ukraine,. Kiev;
+380671899993, e-mail:    –    Tatyana Bondarenko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Informational, Computer Technologies and Mathematics of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy, Kharkov.
+380965964834, e-mail:    –    Olga Banit, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Andragogy Department, Ivan Zyazyun Institute of Pedagogical Education and Adult Education behalf of NAPS of Ukraine, Kiev. 

Best regards,
The founders of the Forum



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